UBC Recreation Clubs Support

Are you interested in a sport or recreational activity that isn’t currently an organised Campus recreation activity? Create a student club and become sponsored by Campus Rec!

Getting Started

Download a Club Constitution Example and read the following information to find out how to get started on getting your club sponsored by Campus Recreation.

Guiding Principles

UBCs Okanagan campus – Recreation (Campus Rec) strives to provide support, resources and financial assistance, within set guidelines, to student clubs of UBCs Okanagan campus.  Such clubs must be ratified by the University of British Columbia Student’s Union Okanagan (UBCSUO) and have a sport, recreation, or active focus (as determined by the Athletics and Recreation Dept.); interests could be highly competitive, instructional, recreational, and social – or any combination of these.

Sport Clubs differ significantly from formally sponsored Campus Recreation activities in that club members are responsible to organize, manage, promote and largely fund their own activities; the success of each recreational club is dependant on the dedicated efforts of its student leaders, UBC advisors and club members.

Campus Recreation clubs are meant to provide inclusive environments for all interested parties.  Participants shall not be excluded from participating in any club sponsored by Campus Rec, on the basis of their skill level, unless said participation poses a danger to themselves or other participants; furthermore, discrimination for any other reason (age, gender, races) is frowned upon and will be dealt with upon proposal for support.

Benefits of being a Campus Recreation Club

Space Booking

Within reasonable requests, Campus Recreation can assist with space bookings for club meetings or playing/practice time.  Please note that the acquiring both classroom space and gym space can be quite difficult and will be met to the best of Campus Rec’s ability.

Web Representation

If you are an active, approved Campus Recreation club, you are eligible to have contact information or a link to your club’s web page (if applicable) on the Campus Recreation web page.

Event/Operations Assistance

If your sport, recreation or activity club is hosting a tournament or event, Campus Recreation may provide some coaching to ensure your event is a success (helping with a tournament draw, lending available equipment, providing small prizes, etc.)

Assistance with Clothing Orders

The Athletics and Recreation department has a strong working relationship with Big Kahuna Sport Company and can provide assistance with designing, ordering and acquiring club clothing.


If your club is planning an activity that requires a large sum of money, Campus Recreation may be able to help. After a formal, written proposal and submission of an accurate budget (both for the entire year and for the specific event in question), Campus Recreation may match any funds raised by a club, excluding any contributions from the UBCSUO, up to $800, for each academic year.

Requirements for seeking sponsorship from Campus Recreation

  • Your club must be a current and ratified club, in good standing, with the UBCSUO
  • Not sure if your club already exists? Visit https://ubcsuo.ca/ (YOUR Resources, Clubs)


See something the same or similar? Contact information for UBCSUO clubs are listed on the website.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Visit the UBCSUO office at UNC133 for information on starting a club or email the clubs organiser (organiser[at]ubcsuo.ca) to set up a meeting and discuss next steps.

  • 2/3s of your club’s members must be current UBC Okanagan students (even though the UBCSUO standard is only ½)
  • Your club must have a sport, recreation, or activity focus.  The determination of this component will be on an individual basis and determined by the Campus Recreation Coordinator and the Director of Athletics and Recreation.

Becoming a Campus Recreation Club

Campus Recreation requires a formal proposal from each club that hopes to acquire support.  Each proposal should include a formal letter requesting support and a copy of your club’s constitution. Please keep in mind that the more detailed and formal your proposal is, the more likely it is that your requests will be considered. Each proposal will be reviewed on an individual basis and a meeting will be called with the Campus Recreation Coordinator and the club executives.

Each proposal should include:  

  • How the club in question meets the guiding principles of Campus Recreation clubs
  • The purpose and goals/vision of your club
  • How you see Campus Recreation being of support to your club (space, resources, coaching, financial, etc.). A copy of your club registration form and/or club constitution and proof of ratification from the UBCSUO
  • A full list of active club members (must be at least 5) including name, student number, signature and at least one form of contact (email or phone)..
  • A list of proposed activities for the current academic year (practices, meetings, events, fundraisers, etc)
  • A clearly outlined budget for the current academic year