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Nonis Field Schedule

The Field is currently CLOSED  (Subject to  Snow and Special Weather Conditions Policy below)
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Weekly Field Schedules

All Groups must be pre-booked and show on schedule. NO drop-in is available for Groups and rental rates apply to all non-UBCO Students and Staff individual users. Please do not use any part of the Field (including End-Zone) during times booked for other groups


  • Feb 11-17:  FIELD CURRENTLY CLOSED and not expected to re-open until at least Feb 17
  • Feb 18-24 (as of Feb 12 and based on Field re-opening)



For all Weather event conditions:

  • The Coach/Organizer is responsible for ascertaining that the field conditions are safe and appropriate for the level of intended use- field conditions may not always be suitable for fast/hard play.
  • Do not use the Field (or areas of field if other areas are good) whenever the lines are not visible due to snow or frost coverage. When snow is possible- Please move Field Goals to the back fence areas following use, in case snow occurs.
  • Please stay off the field when there is snow on it as any disruption of the smooth snow surface may cause problems (uneven surface) for snow removal attempts
  • If you are not able to use the field due to weather, please make sure you advise
  • If you are using the Field when lights are required and end your use early, please advise the Gym Desk Staff (250-807-9200) so that they may manually shut the Field Lights off, if appropriate
  • Please enter the Field from the unlocked Field gates.  DO NOT CLIMB OVER THE FENCE.



  • We will attempt to remove snow from the field in 2019. Please do not enter the field when snow removal is occurring.  Removal will, typically, not be carried out until the day following a significant storm. If accumulations are less than 1.5″ and/or temperatures are such that any snow might melt on its own within 1 to 2 days than removal may not be considered. In order to reduce the relocation of pellet during snow removal there may be times when the Green playing surface will not be fully exposed following snow removal. The residual snow will be left to melt when temperatures are sufficient to do so. Usage is not permitted in areas where the Green Fabric is not fully exposed.



All groups must be pre-booked through the Recreation Facility Coordinator. Lights will not be turned on for Drop-in users. Note: Light schedule is on the Field Schedule

For UBCO Community Group or external booking requests please contact



Casual drop-in: use by a few UBC Students/Staff is permitted when no other groups are using the field. Non UBC Okanagan users are required to pay a drop-in fee at the Gym Desk and complete a drop-in waiver prior to using the field. Drop-in Fees and Waivers are also required for any non-UBCO Student participants during UBCO Club usage.





For more information on daily schedules, please call the Gym Desk at: 250-807-9200



To request Recreation Facility space : Please email your request details (Type of use, Group Name/Organizer Name & Contact information, Date & Times) to:

Field Space: Carol Boyd:

Gym and Studio Space: Crystal Westgate: