Hack & Whack 2017 

Join your fellow University staff & faculty for a day of birdies, bogies, and fun!

Hack & Whack Spotlight

Date: Tuesday, May 30 2017 

Tournament Format: 4 person Scramble | Two tee start (tee times starting at 3pm)

Time: tee times will be 8 minutes apart, starting between 3pm-4:04pm 

Location: Kelowna Springs Golf Club (just minutes from UBC!)

Registration: NOW OPEN!

Click the "Register Now" link above to visit the online registration page to register as an individual, a pair or to join for dinner.

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Registration Dates

Registration is now OPEN! Click here to register now. 

Registration closes: May 23rd

Registration is first-come, first-serve so please register early! Participants must be paid in full for their space to be reserved.

Tournament Details

  • This year's tournament will be played in a 4 person team (either register with a team or we will help find you one)
  • Kelowna Springs is a full-length 9-hole course, offering a two tee start (not a shotgun).
    • please be sure that all team members are able to be on the tee box, ready to golf at the selected tee time (arriving 15 minutes in advance of your tee time is recommended.
  •  A two tee starts means that half of the teams will play the front nine and half will play the back nine - if you want to golf "with" another team (immediately behind or in front of them), please be sure that both teams select adjacent tee times on either the front or back nine when registering selecting their tee time.
  • Fun games and prizes to be won
  • Door prizes to be won
  • Delicious BBQ buffet dinner to follow (approx. 6:30pm)

Tournament Format

  • This year's tournament will be a best ball scramble, played in teams of 4
  • Basic details of a best ball scramble:
    • Teams play the entire round as a 4 person team 
    • All players tee off and decide as a group, who's ball is the "best ball" (best shot/lie)
    • All players pick up their balls and advance to the location of the "best ball"
    • For the tee shot and second shot: 
      • All players, except the player who hit the "best ball", drop their ball within one club length, and no closer to the hole, from where the "best ball" was/is
      • The remaining 3 players hit their ball from the "best ball" location
    • For the 3rd shot, and all remaining shots per hole:
      • All players drop their ball within one club length, and no closer to the hole, from where the "best ball" was/is
      • All players hit their ball from the "best ball" location, again deciding who's shot is "best" and advancing to that location 
    • Play continues in this format until the ball is in the hole

Basic rule: if player A hits the "best ball" tee shot or second shot, player A does not hit the following shot. One the third and all remaining shots in each hole, all players hit from the "best ball" location and anyone's shot may be determined as the "best ball". This helps balance out which team members are contributing to the team's game/score.  

Note: Throughout the round, each team member must contribute at least two "best ball" tee shots to the team

Equipment: Clubs, Power Carts & Pull Carts

Please reserve all club rentals as a part of your individual or team registration.

  • Equipment and golf balls not provided as a part of your registration fee
  • Golf clubs are available for rent.  You can reserve them through our registration form.  Please note that the rental fee is not included in the participation fee. You may pay, in person, on arrival at Kelowna Springs. Club rental is $25 for nine holes.
  • Power carts are available, however, they may not be reserved in advance. All power carts are first come, first serve at the course.  Cart rental is $10 per person is not included in the participation fee. You may pay, in person, on arrival at Kelowna Springs. Please note that Kelowna Springs is a flat, easily walkable course.

If you can't make it to golf, please join us for dinner!

  • Join us for dinner at the end of the tournament if you can't make it to golf for $30.

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