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Weekly Schedules

Please note- you may need to refresh your computer screen/cache to view any revised schedules. Make sure your schedule date matches revision dates. Please note- due to rapid changes future schedules may have some minor revisions required while still being posted.

  • Feb 13-19, 2017 (as of Feb 16) Reading Week
  • Feb 20 - 26, 2017 (as of Feb 15) last week of Intramural Session 1
  • Feb 27-Mar 5 (Draft as of Feb 16)
  • What does Drop-in or times with nothing booked on the schedule mean?

    "Drop-in" or where there is nothing shown as pre-booked on the schedule means the court or field should be available for shared individual use. It does not guarantee that you can do a certain activity (unless we show a specific activity on the schedule ex. Drop-in Vball), nor does it mean that you'll be able to do your chosen activity for as long as you'd like. Groups or users with a need for a pre-planned activity should request pre-booked space and pay applicable rental rates.  Drop-in users will be required to sign a waiver every time they drop in, minors require a parent/legal guardian signature

Nonis Field Schedule  

Weekly Schedules  



For UBCO Community Group or external booking requests please contact the Recreation Facility Coordinator at:

Casual drop-in (only a few people unplanned) daytime use by UBC Students/Staff is permitted when no other groups are using the field. Non UBC Okanagan users are not allowed on the field unless a drop-in waiver is completed and drop-in fee is paid or if they are a part of a pre-booked/permitted Group booking.

All groups must be pre-booked & permitted. Lights will not be turned on for Drop-in users. Note: Light schedule is on the Field Schedule (Safari users may not be able to view)

If you are having problems viewing a schedule please email

For more information on daily schedules, please call the Gym Desk at: 250-807-9200

To book the Gym or Field email your request details (Type of use, Group Name/Organizer Name & Contact information, Date & Times) Contact Carol Boyd:

To book space in the Hangar Studios: contact Crystal Westgate: 


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